What Can We Do to Reject White Supremacist Violence?

Marchers in Minneapolis on November 24, 2015
Marchers in Minneapolis on November 24, 2015

Last night, November 23, a group of white supremacists shot five Black Lives Matter Minneapolis protesters.

Since November 15, members of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis (a group of Black and allied organizers working in solidarity with the national BLM movement) have been occupying the 4th Precinct Police Station where Jamar Clark was killed by police.

They are holding candle light vigils, prayer circles, and confronting the police peacefully, demanding that videotapes of the killing of Jamar be released to the public.

Black Lives Matter MN “call[s] on City council and city leadership to take dramatic and bold action to stop another shooting death of an unarmed Black person from happening.”

Minneapolis police response has been violent, spraying protesters with mace, shooting them with rubber bullets. On November 20, white supremacists wearing ski masks showed up to the occupation site, brandishing pistols and threatening violence. Last night they made good on their threat, wounding 5 protesters. Today over 2,000 people marched in Minneapolis to reject white supremacist terrorism and white supremacist police violence.


We must take action to reject this violence and show up in solidarity with activists in Minneapolis:

  • Contribute to the bail fund for the MN Black Lives Matter activists who have been working for justice for Jamar Clark and have been targeted by police.
  • Send prayers/blessings/energy to Black Lives Matter MN: for physical safety, emotional encouragement, spiritual courage, and community support. Reach out to people in spiritual/religious communities and ask them to lift up the Black Lives Matter Minneapolis occupation of the 4th Precinct in your religious gatherings. NOTE: It’s especially important to reflect the language of the movement so that we aren’t “translating” it into white-centric terms. The mainstream media is focusing on the perpetrators, but the people resisting this violence ask us to focus on their needs. Pray for an end to white supremacist terrorism and police violence.
  • If you have contacts in Minneapolis, they can respond to immediate needs from folks on the group via Facebook or by following @blacklivesmlps and @blklibmn and hashtags: #Justice4Jamar, #4thPrecinctShutDown on Twitter.