Oregon Black History Timeline – Audio Commentary

Oregon Black History Timeline - Audio Commentary

This is a 50 slide timeline and audio commentary created by Walidah Imarisha for a program called “Why Aren’t There More Black People in Oregon?: A Hidden History,” which looks at the history of race, identity and power in Oregon and the larger nation. Oregon has a history not only of Black exclusion and discrimination, but also of a vibrant Black culture that helped sustain many communities throughout the state—a history that is not taught in schools. Oregon as a state was explicitly founded on the idea of creating a white nationalist utopia, and in that way is a useful case study to see the mentality that nationally shaped the institutions that govern our lives.

There is also a version of the timeline available with no audio commentary here:

History of Portland’s Civil Rights Movement, recommended by members of Highland UCC

Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland Oregon
American Denial | Racial Bias in America | Independent Lens | PBS

American Denial is the story of Swedish researcher Gunnar Myrdal, whose landmark 1944 study, An American Dilemma, probed deep into America’s racial psyche.

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible - World Trust

Use this groundbreaking diversity video and conversation guide in your organization to help bridge the gap between good intentions and meaningful change.

Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity - World Trust

Designed for dialogue, this diversity film explains inequity with powerful, inspiring stories. Use it to engage a broad audience in diversity initiatives.

Bearing Witness Report: A Nation in Chains

Bearing Witness: A Nation in Chains is a report of the Justice Hearing Commissions sponsored by SDPC in nine states. Bearing Witness: A Nation in Chains provides first hand accounts of how mass incarceration is impacting poor people of color, especially African American men, wreaking intergenerational havoc in many families and communities. Bearing Witness: A Nation in Chains documents the perspectives of many practitioners and policy advocates who are responding to the effects of mass incarceration. SDPC has amassed some 69 hours of video and 2,591 pages of transcripted testimony in addition to the report.

As you prepare to use one of these films in your Sacred Conversation on Race, we recommend that you review the film before showing it to be certain that it is appropriate for the group you have in mind. Careful thought should also be given to selecting the facilitators who will introduce the film and lead the discussion that follows the film. Because these films can evoke deep emotions and provoke a range of responses, we recommend that facilitators work in pairs.

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