Moving from Education to Action


Many churches are already engaged in discussion, from book groups to movie nights. How do we move from education into action? What’s the next step?

The Black Lives Matter movement has asked us to step out of our comfort zones to take more risk in acting boldly and publicly against white supremacy. We know that every individual (and, to a larger extent, every church!) has a comfort zone around acting for justice. For some of us, our comfort zone matches up with larger skill sets we have or roles we play. Some of us who enjoy writing letters to the editor, for instance, also have day jobs as academics. And some who tend to be the ones to plan annual celebrations for our groups, and take on tasks like preparing food for meetings, play similar roles at home. There’s often something comforting about the roles we play and the tasks we sign up for. We tend to take the kinds of actions that are in our comfort zone.

What if we could be intentional about naming our existing comfort zones, and choose to grow a little and move outside of them? Use these worksheets to invite reflection, conversation, and ACTION within your church.