The Faith Action Group of Showing Up for Racial Justice is organizing a weekend of action May 14-15, affirming that #loveisunstoppable despite the current political fray of fearfulness. Pentecost seems like a perfect opportunity to lift up a vision of love and inspire bold action!

These resources are available:

Liturgy for Pentecost – call to worship, prayer of invocation, etc.
SURJ Faith Action Toolkit – sermon ideas, options for public actions

Pentecost reminds us that:

  • We as a community of believers were multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, multi-racial from the beginning.
  • The Holy Spirit doesn’t erase our differences or give us a common tongue, but enables us to hear God in one another.
  • Love is a radical, revolutionary force – sometimes called God or Jesus – with the power to transform our world.
  • When God shows up as wind and flame, communities are changed.

As we look ahead toward November and feel the media fatigue we’re already carrying, it seems important to start now by claiming ground. Let’s set a high standard for respectful discourse around the election AND take risks in actively challenging and opposing hate speech and divisive rhetoric.

If your congregation is able to do the “love letter to our legislator” action, you may find these links helpful: