Building Safety in Your Community

If you’re feeling anxious, frustrated or afraid in these days since the election, you’re not alone. Taking action to reach out to others and build safety in your community will help. There are many, many things you can do. Here’s a few ideas about steps you can take: Become an […]


Moving from Education to Action

Many churches are already engaged in discussion, from book groups to movie nights. How do we move from education into action? What’s the next step? The Black Lives Matter movement has asked us to step out of our comfort zones to take more risk in acting boldly and publicly against […]



What Can We Do to Reject White Supremacist Violence?

Some actions we can take to respond to the violence in Minneapolis and around our country.

Dear White Christians

The Local Church Ministries Team (LCM) of the Central Pacific Conference recently decided to start a “CPC Reads” initiative. The team chose the book, “Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation” by Jennifer Harvey.

6 Ways to Engage Your Local Church in Racial Justice Ministry

Check out these six ways to engage in racial justice ministry in your local church.